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A2212 2200KV BLDC Motor

Brand: Embeddinator | Made in: China
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A2212 BLDC Motor is a 3-phase out-runner type popular brushless DC motor commonly used in Drones and other multirotor applications. The motor is rated for 2200KV and has an efficiency of 80%. The A2212 motor requires an ESC (Electronic speed controller) to control its speed.

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A2212 is a brushless DC motor designed exclusively to power quadcopters. It has a 2200kV motor. High performance, amazing power, and spectacular efficiency are all provided. These motors are ideal for medium-sized quadcopters with 8- to 10-inch propellers. Utilize this to create strong, effective quadcopters.


  • Its current Capacity is 12A/60s
  • It is used in quadcopter
  • It is mostly used to make robots
  • It is used in automobiles and vehicles
  • It has three wires (Red, Black, and Yellow)


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