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A2212 BLDC Motor With ESC 30A and 1045 Propeller Combo

Brand: Embeddinator | Made in: China
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This is the cheapest ever 1000KV Brushless DC motor + ESC + Orange HD propeller for drones. This set is recommended to the newbie drone enthusiast and wise pilots who are not willing to ruin the motors at the test stages.

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This Kit Provides a 1000kv Brushless motor and 30A Simonk ESC  with a 1045 Propeller pair(CW+CCW). 

1000KV Brushless DC Motor is a brushless motor specifically made for RC planes, quadcopters, and multi-rotors. It is a 1000kV motor. It provides high performance, superpower, and brilliant efficiency. 

30A Simonk ESC Electronic Speed Controller can drive motors that consume up to 30A current. It can be used to control our brushless motors with a 2S-3S LiPo. The onboard BEC provides regulated 5V(2A max draw) to power the flight controller and other onboard modules.

The 10x4.5 inch Propeller Pair (CW+CCW) is a set of counter-rotating RC aircraft propellers perfect for use in twin and multiple-motor RC airplanes or coaxial RC helicopters.  The length is 10 inches and the pitch is 4.5 inches per revolution.


  • Comes in compact sizes.
  • ESC used has an On-Board BEC.
  • Offers great performance and value for money.
  • This particular combination of motor and ESC with props gives you a smooth throttle response for the best RC experience.
  • Lightweight design makes them suitable for a wide range of Multirotor Frames.
  • Faster and Better speed control...
  • Suitable for airplanes, aircraft, and quadcopters.


Package includes 1 x a2212 1000kv brushless outrunner motor 1 x propeller adaptor 1 x cross type motor mount 4 x screw 1 x 30a esc electronic speed controller 2 x propeller (1x clockwise and 1x anti-clockwise).


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