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Produino Uno R3 Development Board With USB Cable (Compatible With UNO Software)

Brand: Embeddinator | Made in: India
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Specially Designed ARDUINO UNO based Produino Development Board with Bootloader Mode by using BOOT Button on board, NO NEED OF SEPARATE PROGRAMMER.*Directly to USB Programmable Board with Boot Feature.*Compact and Ready to use design & Professional High Quality Glass PCB Layout Design for Noise Reduction with Board Supports AVR ATMEGA328 Series.*13 Digital & 6 Analog Pins breakout are available for outside device interfacing, which used in 20+ Project you can developed on this board by using various outside devices.

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ProDuino Arduino UNO Based Development Board

EnGeniusLab invent the made in India Produino Development Board for the AVR family of microcontrollers is AVR ATmega328. The board has Atmega328 MCU with USB Arduino bootloader feature, hence no external programmer is required which means this can easily programmed by USB Cable like ARDUINO. It also support Arduino Software for writing the program, means same arduino software is used for this board. This best alternative cheap & best Made in India Arduino which name is ProDuino. We designed this board for small robotics & embedded applications tools & projects.

Specially Design board on arduino platform which support complete arduino environment & its all software & driver. It is simply program & control by original arduino software as like arduino uno. Now you can do all robotics project on single board without taking headache other items.

Special Features:- •USB Interface:- for communicating with the host computer. •Direct USB Programmer Development AVR Board by using button of BOOT. •13 Digital & 6 Analog Pins breakout are available for outside device interfacing. •On board voltage regulator available for sourcing regulated 5V @ upto 1A voltage to the board and connecting circuit.

Programmable Device Supported:-
•All most all input & output devices supported by board like IR, Sound, Ultrasonic, LDR, Voice, Temperature, Humidity, Pulse & Heartbeat Sensors.
•It also support the Communication protocol device like PC keyboard, GPS, GSM, Bluetooth, RF_ID, RF wireless, ZigBee, IOT.
•Other Devices like switches, keypad, Dc motors, stepper motors, and servo motors, DTMF, LED & LED matrix, buzzer, Alphanumeric LCD & Graphic LCD etc.…….


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