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Wireless IR Remote Controlled Non-Programmable Robotic DIY Kit

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On board 7805 voltage regulator available for sourcing regulated 5V @ upto 1A voltage to the board and connecting circuit. Extra Berg strip given for GND, +5V & +9V for external connection.*With Terminal Blocks for connecting motors & power supply and Berg Sticks for control signals from microcontroller*Specially Designed for Various Robotic Project without microcontrollers. Male berg strip given for connection & run properly.*Wireless Remote Controlled Robot, Wireless Controlled Robot by Radio Frequency (RF) Module, Mobile Controlled Robot by DTMF Technology, Line Follower Robot, Wall Follower Robot, Never Fallen Robot, Autonomous Robot, Joystick Controlled Robot, Free Moving Robot & many more....

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Wireless IR Remote Controlled Non-Programmable Robotic DIY Kit

EnGeniusLab introduce the specially designed Wireless IR Remote Controlled Robotic Kit, best feature of this kit is that complete robot assembling & working will run on L293D motor driving board, i.e no microcontroller IC required for programming & controlling. It is specially designed for school level robotics & for small kids who want to DO IT YOURSELF Robotic project.

Apart from it we can further extend it for many more other projects for same without using microcontrollers like, Line Follower Robot, Edge Avoider Robot, Remote/Joystick Controlled Robot, Wireless Controlled Robot, Mobile phone Controlled Robot & Many More. It uses the popular L293D Motor driver IC. It can drive 4 DC Motor in One direction, or drive 2 DC motor in both direction. Male burg stick connectors for supply, ground and input connection & Screw terminal connectors for easy motor connection. This motor driver is perfect for robotics and mechatronics projects for controlling motors. DIY Kit contain Motors, Chassis, IR Sensor, tyres, wires, assembling fitting, screw driver, etc... EnGeniusLab main goal for this product to encourage the school student to start their hand on project & enroll in digital fun world by using EnGeniusLab DIY Kit Note:- It can additionally use with microcontroller if any expert person want to interface with any microcontroller.


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