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L298N 2A Motor Driver Module with PWM Control

Brand: Embeddinator
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Current Sense for each motor.

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This L298N Based Motor Driver Module is a high-power motor driver perfect for driving DC Motors and Stepper Motors. It uses the popular L298 motor driver IC and has the onboard 5V regulator which it can supply to an external circuit. It can control up to 4 DC motors, or 2 DC motors with directional and speed control This motor driver is perfect for robotics and mechatronics projects and perfect for controlling motors from microcontrollers, switches, relays, etc. Perfect for driving DC and Stepper motors for micro mouse, line-following robots, robot arms, etc. FEATURES: Current Sense for each motor. Heatsink for better performance. Power-On LED indicator. Drives up to 4 motors. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x L298N Based Motor Driver Module – 2A (Standard Quality)


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