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RTC DS1307 Real Time Clock Module

Brand: Embeddinator
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DS1307 RTC Module I2C IC .Real Time clock with Battery Backup.*1-Hz Output Pin. 56 Bytes of Non-volatile Memory Available to User.PCB Quality: FR4 Glass epoxy High Quality. Utility: Research & Development, Education, Technical DIY etc.*Plugs into any Breadboard or You can use Wires. Battery Backup of Li (Lithium) Coin Battery 3 Volt*Read / write clock or RAM data transfer mode, there are two single-byte and multi-byte transfer mode transmission character set

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EnGeniusLab Introduce RTC DS1307 Module For Raspberry Pi, ARM, AVR, PIC, 8051..

It is made in India product which has DS1307 IC on board which is capable to give Real Time for project & exact delay. It has 4 pin out which is capable to interface any board or microcontroller using I2C Interface. It has many functionality: Real Time Clock,Timer,Alarm,Calendar,56 Byte Non-Volatile Memory. Two wire I2C/IIC Interface. Battery Backup Included. (hh:mm:ss)Hour : Minutes : Seconds AM/PM. (DD/MM/YYYY) Day,Month,Year.Leap year Compensation. Accurate Calendar up to year 2100.


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