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USB Humidifier DC5V Spray Module DIY Incubation Experiment 108KHz

Brand: Embeddinator | Made in: China
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The DC5V Humidifier USB Spray Module DIY Incubation Experiment operates at a frequency of 108kHz, designed specifically for DIY projects requiring controlled humidity levels, such as incubation experiments or plant growth chambers.

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 Powered by a 5V DC supply through a USB interface, it offers easy integration with a variety of electronic devices and power sources. With its adjustable frequency feature, users can fine-tune the mist intensity according to their specific needs. Its compact design ensures easy installation and suitability for various setups, while low power consumption makes it ideal for prolonged operation, including battery-powered applications. Safety features such as overheat protection enhance reliability, ensuring the module’s safe and efficient performance. Overall, this module provides DIY enthusiasts with a versatile and efficient solution for enhancing humidity control in their projects, backed by comprehensive user manuals for seamless integration and operation.

It is a 108KHz 20mm USB Humidifier with a driver. It will keep working after power-ON.


  1. Come with a driver.
  2. Power-ON trigger work
  3. 108KHz high-frequency oscillator
  4. Micron level aperture
  5. The glazed surface of the atomized sheet


  1. Product name: 108KHz 20mm USB Humidifier
  2. Work Voltage: DC 4.5V~5.0V
  3. Work Power:2W.
  4. Work Frequency:108KHz(+/-3KHz)
  5. Power Type: Female USB Socket
  6. Diameter without rubber ring:16mm
  7. Diameter with rubber ring:20mm
  8. Spray Diameter:5um.
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