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Wireless RF Encoder & Decoder Board With 433 Mhz Module & 6-Pin WIres

Brand: Embeddinator | Made in: India
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Operating Voltage : 5V DC Digital Output : logic one (+3.5V DC) logic zero (0V DC)*Support ASK RF Pair Of Various Frequency i,e 315/433/434/435/866 & Mounting Holes for fixing the board.*On Board power regulator. Address line Selector Switch, HT12E , HT12D IC, LED indication for Valid Transmit

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RF Wireless Encoder & Decoder Board With IC

RF Wireless Communication Board has RF Encoder & Decoder Interfacing board with HT12D & HT12E IC chips. Features: Easy interfacing with the RF modules, using the female headers for placing the modules. Breakout pins for connecting to the microcontroller. 4 switches for manual Testing Status LED's and switch button. Small size, high quality PCB. On Board power regulator. Address line Selector Switch Package Contents: RF Encoder Decoder board with HT12E , HT12D IC's and Address line selector switch by using this line we can communicate 256 rf tx & rf rx at a time.



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